About us



Vietnam Easyrider Guide (freelancer)

Presumably born on a motorbike (although his mother insists that it was a clinic). Always wears a helmet. Never fell with his bike. Riding together with his guests since 1997.

Loves Vietnam and its friendly people. Tries to do the very best for his guests on the motorbike and loves to spend time with them. Knows tons of details about the country, answers all your questions, recommends local food and drinks.

Unfortunately always stressed on his birthday (too many birthday greetings to answer on facebook).


Wife of a passionate Easyrider

Helps to answer your e-mails.

Being on tour with you Duc has (!!) to call her every evening. She only loves him if he can tell her that his co riders & guests on the tour are happy.

Gia Quan

Future Easyrider Big Projects Manager

Upcoming Gangnam Style Star.

Besides his school activities he is already learning English in private lessons. Loves seafood and fishing. So if you need infos regarding extraordinary fishing sites ask him!